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Are You Cirrus?

I took this photo this morning. You can see aircraft contrails in the sky above my neighborhood. “Condensation Trails” or “Contrails” are man-made clouds. These are thin clouds made of ice crystals. They form in the wake of the jet passing over.

The image shows an older contrail and two fresh jet contrails being formed. The older contrail has started to spread out, and looks like a natural cirrus cloud.  Note that as it spreads it looks like it is starting to “hook” and appear to look like a natural cirrus uncinus cloud. 

I’m serious — these are contrails!

Had I not known that this cloud was man-made, I would have thought that it was located on the leading (eastern) edge of a Low-pressure system. If it were a real cirrus uncinus, I would predict that we would get rain in 48 hours.

Just checked the weather channel. It looks like a winter storm indeed is approaching from the west. What a co-inky-dink.